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Powerful technology plus a human touch. Companies of all types and sizes around the world rely on ADP’s cloud software and expert insights to help unlock the potential of their people. HR. Talent. Benefits. Payroll. Compliance. Working together to build a better workforce. For more information, visit Sincro Business Solutions is proud to be a local payroll partner of ADP in Spain.

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Setting up a business in Spain is not an easy task due to lack of knowledge about the constantly changing rules and regulations
on labor and HR issues that slow down the expansion of your business.

Therefore, delegating these tedious tasks to a trustworthy partner so that your company can focus on opening up in the Spanish market so
ithout having to worry about bureaucratic procedures
is a great idea.

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This is why, among other reasons, we are best positioned to help you
For over 10 years we have been working with companies from all around the world venturing into the Spanish market and are in need of a trustworthy partner who is highly knowledgeable of the Spanish laws and regulations in order to resolve matters concerning administrative procedures,as they focus on growing their businesses in Spain .

Discover how outsourcing your laboral administrative procedures and HR to Sincro Business Solutions will benefit your company

We look your satisfaction
We take on schedule commitmentswith the aim of fulfilling procedures outlined by our international partner, ADP.
Time saving
You will focus on boosting your business in Spain instead of following-up on paperwork you are not well informed about and which does not add value to your company.
You will save money by not having to hire own staff to perform these procedures.
Peace of mind
Since you will have your paperwork carried out into effect by skilled professionals who are readily available.
Keep constant update
Of your taxes and contributions without worryng about neither having in-depth knowledge about the Spanish laws and regulations, nor frequent changes in the law, nor procedures like drafting of contracts, payroll, settlements, sick leave, etc.
We process over 2.900 payrolls monthly: more than 1.900 international payroll calculations and more than 1.000 at national level.

We can help you in four ways

Laboral procedures
Labour contracts
  • Drafting labor contracts, preparation of basic copies and extensions of the same.
  • Communication of contracts, extensions and plea for permanent seasonal contracts, etc.,using SEPE via Internet (Sistema Contrat@)
Formalization of documents
  • Electronic formalization and processing of employee admission, termination and changes in Social Security through (Sistema RED online y Winsuite)
  • Electronic processing of sick leaves, confirmations and discharge for temporary incapacity, via sistema RED.
Payroll, Social Insurance and Settlements
  • Sending payroll to employees by email encrypted with password.
  • Payroll, social security and settlements.
Preparation and Submission of forms
  • Preparation of revenue agency´s income tax retention 110 and 190 forms. (216 and 296 forms for non-resident income tax respectively)
  • Preparation of revenue agency´s income tax retention 345 forms on remittance of company pension plans.
Consulting and Legal Representation
  • General legal labor consultancy regarding the implementation of the labor law and associated collective agreements.
  • Advice on drafting of all types of documentation; penalties, changes in working conditions, leave, unpaid leave, agreements, etc.
  • Attendance of conciliation proceedings with relevant regional bodies (SMAC, IMAC, CMAC, etc.)
  • Legal defense in all kinds of labor lawsuits (dismissals, disciplinary sanctions, labor claims ….)
  • Processing and negotiation of job layoffs.
Preparation of Accounting Files
  • Preparation of customized accounting files imported directly into the accounting management platforms.
Optimizes Human Resources of your Company in Spain.

Speeds up payroll process of your company and you will have the privilege of customized advice when need arises.

We guarantee you maximum confidentiality and security

We know exactly what to do; no wonder, ADP, the worlds largest payroll Company chose us to be its Partner in Spain!.

Money Movement
We manage payment of the costs of your salaries: payroll, taxes and social insurance.

Many companies anticipate the cost of their monthly payments. Despite the effort, they are at times faced with setbacks that cause additional unplanned bank charges.

We have solution! We will make work easier by calculating the costs for your using our Money Movement Service. You only have to transfer the total

Other Services
Meet Spanish law requirements of Health & Safety regulations in the workplace and data protection.

We select the best suppliers or providers so that your employees in Spain can have access to social benefits like; daycare centers, medical insurance, meal vouchers, etc, provided by your company.

Our ratings in the system regarding client satisfaction accomplishment as required by our partner ADP, speak for themselves…

out of 5 is our client score in quality according to KPI´s quality system
incidences regarding data security
of our clients approve our payroll preparation at first hand
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Ask us how resolve labour issues an HR resources your company in Spain


From the beginning; commitment, meeting of deadlines and close manner in which they treat us have made our work to flow easily. Communication between us is comfy and are always readily available for any consultation.

As the person in-charge in my company, they have my back which gives me the confidence to contact them and will in turn recieve trustworthy and secure feedback.

I defintely recommend their services, no doubt!

Elena González – Business Manager de SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY IN MADRID