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Set up your business
in Spain with a global solution
that meets all your business needs

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We are here to settle labor, tax and accounting issues related to opening your business in Spain.


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We know that over 90% of companies wishing to establish themselves in Spain consider the procedures imposed by Spanish authorities as complex, and find themselves in situations like:.

  • Complicated laws that change constantly.
  • Bureaucratic errors that provoke extra costs.
  • Expensive and not an easy task to hire professional and trustworthy personnel to perform these procedures.
  • Waste of time in tedious procedures that do not add value to your business.
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It´s our work. We are a consultancy specialized in facilitating procedures for businesses opening up in Spain.

What makes us different?

Let´s get to the point; we speak your language; know your business needs and how we can help your company.

Quick to respond your needs.
Because you are able to manage all areas of your company in Spain.
Peace of mind that your advisor will go a step ahead in solving and giving solutions.
Your advisor will be involved 100% in your project and will be available when needed. A part of your team.
Lawyers at your disposal to defend the interests of your business in Spain.
Maximum security for your data in pur external servers.
Do you want to set up your company in Spain in a fast and easy way?

Do you like to put a face to our team?

This is our team, responsible for taking care of your administration procedures
and keeping vigil of your interests in Spain as though they were part of your company.

Carlos Ruiz Managing Director – Lawyer
Marisa Herranz Director of Accounting and Taxation
Galo Carreira Chief Strategy Officer
Alfredo Simón Payroll Coordinator – Lawyer
Luis Manias Payroll Coordinator
Imagen de Raquel Bermejo
Raquel Bermejo Payroll Coordinator
Patricia Martínez Payroll Specialist
Roberto Pérez Payroll Specialist
Imagen de Lucía López
Lucía López Payroll Specialist
Imagen de Javier Pulido
Javier Pulido Payroll Specialist
Cristina Godín Accounting Specialist
Estela Martín Corporate Communications Manager
Dimitar Franco Payroll Specialist
Rubén Limés Payroll Specialist
Jessica Khanis Administrative Assistant

People first, accountability, continuous search of improvement and their culture of service excellence has gone a long way in making work flow easily between us.

As person in charge of labor and HR matters, I would like to say that their professional support gives me the confidence to contact them for reliable and secure feed back.

I definitely recommend their services!.

Elena González – Business Manager de SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY IN MADRID